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BOTwaR App

This game is really great fun, and you can invest lots of time in detailed bot making if you like. Angry_Waffles

Welcome to BOTwaR, a game where you must decide your strategy before the battle. Unlike most games where you control the action on the screen directly, in BOTwaR, you write a battle program and then stand back and watch as your program competes against other programs. The last robot standing is the winner.

In BOTwaR, you control a robot by programming it in JavaScript. Here's a complete example of a battle program (called BOTTOM) that you can challenge:

function main(robot) { 
   if (robot.isFirstIteration()) robot.moveTo(0,100); 
   if (robot.atDestination()) { 
      if (robot.getX() == 0) robot.moveTo(100,100); 
      if (robot.getX() == 100) robot.moveTo(0,100); 
   var d =; 
   if (d > 0.0); 

Battle several BOTs in one arena. Comes pre-loaded with several battle programs to compete against and examine (code is included). Code can be edited and debugged inside the game.

Note: This game does not teach you the JavaScript programming language, but it does include examples to get your started. There are lots of JavaScript tutorials on the web. Check out my other JavaScript training app called: Programmer App.

Available now for the iPhone™, iPad™, and iPod Touch™!

Screen Shots

BOTwaR App Screen Shot 1
BOTwaR App Screen Shot 2
BOTwaR App Screen Shot 3
BOTwaR App Screen Shot 4
BOTwaR App Screen Shot 5


  • Includes eight starter BOT programs to battle or modify.
  • Uses JavaScript language to program BOT tactics.
  • Built in program editor with quick access help reference button.
  • Collects statistics after each battle.
  • Includes a log system for easier battle program debugging.
  • Battle programs can be emailed to friends.

Download BOTwaR from iTunes