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More tutorials for Programmer App, Zero-G a space game, and Minecraft Recipes.

Programmer App

Excellent tutorial App. I'm an absolute novice to programming, and I found this app to be a very useful tool in learning Javascript and how programs work. blksentra2
Intuitive. This app is very helpful it taught me a lot about how to program It has many features on it. Programmer duck
Great app. Wow, very well executed...teaches you through sample programs (tutorials) that are thoroughly interactive. Easy to play with the code. Clean and simple UI. Awesome introduction to js. 5 stars! Amasluk

Learn JavaScript by example with this easy-to-use application. A series of program tutorials will guide you through an introduciton to the JavaScript programming language. All programs can be saved on the device, edited as needed, and executed any time.

Available now for the iPhone™, iPad™, and iPod Touch™!

Screen Shots

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  • Includes over 25 tutorial programs with detailed comments.
  • Covers basic JavaScript and some advanced HTML5 features.
  • Built in program editor with handy code snippet selector.
  • Includes some custom JavaScript functions to make the learning process easier.
  • Overs event driven programming.
  • Programs can be created from scratch and saved on the device.
  • An email feature allows a program to be shared with a friend or submitted as an assignment.

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