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Great for your next Tattoo!
Ideal for a door sign or secret message.

Create your own secret messages, tattoo designs, bedroom door signs, treasure hunt clues, and many more designs with Cuneiforms. The free app comes with four free cuneiform designs. More packs can be purchased within the app.

Cuneiforms converts your simple text messages into a cool image. The final design can be easily converted back to the secret message once you know the key (decoding technique provided in the built in help screen).

Available now for the iPhone™, iPad™, and iPod Touch™!

Screen Shots

Cuneiform Screen Shot 1
Cuneiform Screen Shot 2
Cuneiform Screen Shot 3
Cuneiform Screen Shot 4
Cuneiform Screen Shot 5
Cuneiform Screen Shot 6


  • Includes starter Cuneiform fonts.
  • Additional font sets can be purchased within the app.
  • Email final word art as an image.
  • Supports direct printing on compatible WiFi printers.
  • Includes auto-column feature for a nice framable output.

Download Cuneiforms App from iTunes