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RC Companion App

This app is a steal compared to the price of replacing damaged LiPo batteries.

This application is a simple countdown timer to keep track of charging batteries for RC helicopters, airplanes, or cars. If you sometimes forget about your charging batteries, this app will remind you. For quick selection, a pre-defined timer can be setup for each battery type (or charging current). The app can be used as a general countdown timer for almost anything -- clothes in the washer, popcorn in the microwave, or even a turkey in the oven.

RC Companion also features a fully customizable check-off list system which is great for tracking flight lists, stuff to take to the field, lists of questionable batteries, and things that need maintenance or fixing.

Available now for the iPhone™, iPad™, and iPod Touch™!

Screen Shots

Programmer App Screen Shot 1
Programmer App Screen Shot 2
Programmer App Screen Shot 3


  • Track any number of simultaneous batteries during charge.
  • Customize a timer for every battery type.
  • Includes pre-programmed timers for the common starter helis.
  • Full page notes section for journaling.
  • Create un-limited and reusable check lists.
  • Keep track of repairs and questionable batteries.
  • Quick half-charge feature for battery storage charges.

Download RC Companion App from iTunes