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Enigma Box App

The game is a lot of fun - addictive. Can't wait until it hits the store. Tester
Very different! This game is a fun. Makes you think. baggerjoe
This thing is a blast. It grows on you. Some of these levels are very hard! Another Tester

A challenging puzzle box game with an infinite number of playable levels -- each new game poses a different challenge. The box is a 9x9 grid that contains a set of hidden game pieces. Your objective is to determine what type of game pieces are inside the box as well as where these pieces are located. Your only tool is a laser beam. Spin the outer ring to direct a narrow beam of white light into the box and observe what happens to the beam.

Does the beam come out the other side unaltered? Was the color of the beam changed by a filter? Was the beam reflected in a different direction? Was the beam absorbed completely? Using the beam as your guide, determine where the game pieces (color filters, mirrors, and absorbers) are located inside the Enigma Box.

Available soon for the iPhone™, iPad™, and iPod Touch™!

Screen Shots

Enigma Box App Screen Shot 1
Enigma Box App Screen Shot 2
Enigma Box App Screen Shot 3


  • Each new game is randomly generated, resulting in an infinite combination of levels -- each new game is unique.
  • A variety of game combinations: color filters only, mirrors only, mirrors and filters, filters and absorbers, and the mega levels with everything.
  • Several difficulty levels from Easy to Very Hard.
  • Built-in tutorial level.
  • Many games have more then one solution -- any solution that matches the beam input/output conditions is considered a valid solution.
  • A check-my-solution feature indicates if your solution is incorrect without revealing the solution so you can keep trying.

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