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Spider Climber

It's simply amazing! The End. Kjango

You are a spider that must climb. Select a foot and then select a rock to grab. Climb as high as you can, but be quick about it. Make sure to plan ahead, since each foot has a limited range - don't get stuck. If a foot scrolls off the screen, you will lose it - lose more than three and the game is over. The longer you survive, the higher your score.

Use power-ups to freeze the game, add to your score, or re-grow a leg. Game features local high score tracking and now Game Center Leader boards.

Available now for the iPhone™, iPad™, and iPod Touch™!

Screen Shots

Spider Climber App Screen Shot


  • Endless level - climb for as long as you can.
  • High score tracker.
  • Progressive difficulty over time.
  • Includes several power ups:
    • Freeze the rocks.
    • Grow a new leg.
    • Extra points.
  • Game Center integration for leader boards.

Download Spider Climber App from iTunes